Methane bubbles inside Lake Baikal ice.

29 Feb – 8 Mar 2020 Baikal the Ice Kingdom

I love the sound of skates grinding against the ice, Joensuu travel agent Yuri Sevrjukov says and shows me the Instagram video he just uploaded. This trip to the Baikal ice in Siberia was presented to me unexpectedly. Tour skating is a new dimension for me and I was nervous to go to do this, when Pekka Pouhula from Rantasalmi presented me the idea, in order to arrange the trip.


Day129 FEB 2020
Flight Helsinki (FIN) – Moscow (RU) -Irkutsk (RU)
Day21 MAR 2020
Arrival to Irkutsk (time difference 6 hours). Transport by a small bus to the Olkhon Isle, the journey takes about 4 hours. In the summertime, ferries go from mainland to the island, in wintertim an official ice road is opened. Accommodation in the hotel – time to rest. This place will act as our homebase for the next 3 nights.
Day32 FEB 2020
We’ll visit the island of Ogoy, known for it’s Buddhist Stupa. The distance of 5 kilometres will be travelled by skates or feet.
3 FEB 2020
We’ll visit the lake of Shara-Nuri (it means Yellow Lake in Buryat). The water of Shara-Nuri is very warm, soft and full of minerals in the summertime. They say bathing in it is healthy and it’s recommended for treating arthitis and to generally increase one’s health. The mud dug from the bottom of the lake improves the functions of your vascular organs and treats skin illnesses.  For obvious reasons, swimming isn’t really an option in the wintertime but instead we’re treated with a miraculous sight: hydrogen sulfide bubbles frozen in time. A word of warning from the locals: a yellow dragon resides in the bottom of the lake and the bubbles are caused by its breath.  We will have delicious fish soup for lunch.
Accommodation in the hotel – time to rest and get to know the lovely villages of Khuzhiri and Shamanka. Shanka Rock, aka Cape Burhan, located in Khuzhiri. The cape is in the middle of the Olkhon Isle’s west coast, leading to a douple-tipped rock formation, called the Shaman Rock. The cap has also received the  stature of international nature park and historic monument. Shamanka Rock is also one of the ten holy places in Asia. It’s become the most recognizable symbols of Baikal, shown in all the photos and even movies filmed here.

5 MAR 2020
Today we will visit a paradise on earth and this is a new destination for us as well. It has been favoured by the French people very much. It is like a forgotten paradise. However, there are no inside amenities/facilities and no shower. We visit this place for the breathtaking nature. I will promise that you will enjoy this place. In the evening there is a possibility to enjoy banja/sauna.
6 MAR 2020
We will spend this whole day in the nature. We will see fantastic ice fields, high rocks and rock drawings among other things. If you have not said “WOW” yet, I can quarantee that you will say it today. You will record views camera that nobody else of your friends have seen, as the landscape is so unique. In the evening again, there is a possibility for banja/sauna. 
Day 87 MAR 2020
We will transport back to Irkutsk. If we have time and desire, we can have a tour in the Museum of Architecture and  Entography, called Talci. They have a wonderful collection of momuments from the 17th to the 20th century. It’s located right of River Angara, 47 kilometers from Irkutsk towards Baikal. An outdoor museum such as this brings visitors from around the world to get acquainted with the culture of Baikal people. 
8 MAR 2020
Transportation back to the airport. Flight Irkutsk – Moscow – Helsinki. Time difference 6 hours. You can view Baikal lake on satellite from this site.


1250,-€/per person + flights (n.400-650€)+ VISA (100-160€ ). Reserver your spot before 15 November 2019 and you will get a discount of EUR 150.00 from the tour price. Also booking now ensures, that you can purchase cheaper flights. The closer we get to the travel dates, the more it will cost to fly.
So book yours well in advance, there are is limited availability.

Price includes:

  1. Accommodation in a hotel for 7 nights, twin room with breakfast.
  2. Transport from Irkutsk Airport to Olkho Isle, from Olkho Isle to Listvyanka, to Listvyanka Airport. Car transport to and from destinations during the time in the Olkho Isle. Transport to  and from the Museum of Architecture and Etnography.
  3. Interpretation services
  4. Registeration fee for visa
  5. Visit to Listjvanka Museum, ringed seal aquarium, Taltsi-museum.

Price does not include:

  1. Plane tickets (each person buys their own according to given instructions)
  2. Visas
  3. Insurances
  4. Taxis
  5. Meals in restaurants, cafeterias, drinks, souvenirs
  6. Tour skates, kick sleds. Kick sleds can be folded easily and transported in an Aeroflot plane for free.

Remember to bring your own skates with you!


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Listen to these wonderful Baikal lake ice sounds by an ethno music group. The drums are ice formations on the lake.