Baikalinjärvellä poseerausta kiinalaisten kanssa.

It’s cold at Lake Baikal

You are allowd to be merry and fool around in Lake Baikal. Baikal does not leave you cold, although sometimes it can be really HOLODNO (cold) in there!

Everyone who travels to Baikal, finds the thick ice, patterns on it, the methane bubbles and large cracks on it wonderfully marvelous. The cracks may make loud rumbling sounds that you can hear from great distances. If you have ever looked at pictures and videos of Baikal, you already know that people move around on the ice by car. But when JuriS Travel goes to Baikal, we also use the car as means of transportation, but more importantly, we experience the ice by skates and kicksleighs.

Especially chinese tourists often marvel at the Finnish modern kicksleighs. They want to test them and also the (skiing) poles that we use to aid us while we skate. They want to try them, and we gladly allow them. They take a lot of pictures of these funny sports aids. Generally speaking, chinese people are often very fun to be around with on these encounters. They smile a lot and with them it is always merry.

Suomalainen moderni potkukelkka on kuumaa kamaa Baikalilla
The Finnish modern kicksleigh is hot stuff in Lake Baikal.

Once they filmed a some kind of dancing performance in there and they asked me to join them. Ooh, not to dance, but in the pictures. You will find the snippet of the dance in the below video we have made.  

How would you think Baikal would affect you? Would you dance as well? Would you go on all fours on the ice? Would you just sit and gaze at the vast horizon? I can warn you, that it is definitely not advisable to touch the ice with your tongue!

When ever I encounter a hole in the ice (Finnish call it avanto, and you can find my video in Facebook about this. ), I take a dip in there. Sometimes I have tried a headstand on the ice. You know, just for fun! It is allowed to goof around, relax and be merry on Lake Baikal!


Posing for the camera at Lake Baikal
Posing for the camera at Lake Baikal