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JuriS Travel is a Finnish travel agency specialised in nature and adventure travels.

Whether you’re looking for a cultural getaway or wish to go on kayak trip, a climb, to see a volcano or even descend the highest mountain in Europe – you’ve come to the right place. Come with me to Russia.

I’m Juri Sevrjukov and I arrange cultural adventures (including but not limited to St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk and Sordavala), work trips and active treks into nature. I’ve lived half my life in Russia and half in Finland. My company JuriS Travel is a Finnish travel agency (1177/06/Mj).

Out in the nature I arrange all sorts of trips, ranging from fishing, hunting, rafting to anything outdoor related. We offer travel and event services for general fitness fans who also love nature and challenges. There are also options for those who have already tried more extreme sports.

In the city JuriS Travel offers top of the line cultural events, affordable shopping and exquisite dining possibilities. The ballets, museums and churches of St. Petersburg have much to show for any culture lover. You can also travel beyond  Petrozavodsk to Lake Onega or the Monastery Island of Kiz.

All travel arrangements can be handled through me, like visas, accommodations, transport and so on. I also accompany you as a guide and interpreter.

Why not expect a little more of your vacation? Are you ready for adventure? As a JuriS Travel customer you gain access to amazing views and once-in-a-lifetime chances you’ve only dreamed of. Experiences to give you strenght for any future endeavours. Quiet, untouched nature to silence the mundane life and allowing you to really listen.

Don’t hesitate to contact me. Welcome to activity travels with JuriS Travel!

JuriS Travel
Juri Sevrjukov
+358 41 462 3187
info (a)juristravel.fi
Instagram: @jurisevrjukov 

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