Georgian kulttuurikierroksella näkee enemmän!


Welcome to a cultural tour to Georgia with JuriS Travel! Did you know that Georgia ranked seventh in the top 10 destinations for 2018? At least according to Lonely Planet. Georgia is definitely number one on the JuriS Travel rankings list, therefore we want to offer you a varied trip that will give you the best of Georgia! For example, we will visit Georgias widely known old watchtowers, meet cordial people, explore ancient culture and experience spectacular scenery. And we will not forget to relax on the sandy beaches of the Black Sea that are claimed to have health benefits, and moreover, we will be tasting famous Georgia wines and local cuisine. This trip is a unique experience for both adults and children.

President of Georgia
Juri in the picture with the former president of Georgia (second on the left) and some JuriS Travel clients.

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Places we visit on our Georgia tour

Some of the locations are included in the tour price and some of the locations are optional and an additional entrance fee will be charged.

Bordzomi (city)

The spa town, known for its mineral water is located in central Georgia. The city was once popular with the Romanov tsar family, and during the Soviet Union it was the favourite spot of the Russians.

A blue villa in Bordzomi, Georgia

Enguri Dam (Inguri Dam)

Enguri Dam is the world’s second highest concrete arch dam with a height of 271.5 metres. The location is north of town Jvari.

Enguri Dam in Georgia

Mksheta (city)

Mksheta is located 25 km´s north of Tbilisi and is one of Georgias most ancient cities and remains the capital of The Ortohodox Church of Georgia.

Mestia (city)

Mestia is located 170 km from Kutaisi, in the Svaneti region, and 456 km away from the country’s capital Tbilisi. Here you can see local culture and for exampole old watchtowers. A visit to the local museum in the evening and view from the top of one of the guarding towers with panoramic views will top the day in Mestia.

Mestia in Georgia
Mestia in Georgia

Becho waterfalls can be visited by approximately 2-3 hours hike. Its name is actually Shdugra waterfall and Becho is the name of the community.

Ushguli (village)

You can take an optional 4×4 car drive to Ushguli village, which is recognized as the Upper Svaneti UNESCO World Heritage Site. The community is very isolated and actually consists of 4 small villages. You feel as if the time stands still here, which makes it a very interesting visit and well worth it. The community is inhabited by approximately 70 families (200 people) and it has a small school. The village is covered by snow for 6 months of the year and the road leading up to the village from Mestia is often closed.

Kutaisi (city)

Kutaisi is the 3rd most populated city in Georgia with a population of 147,635. Just 10 kms outside of Kutaisi you can find Sataplia Strict Nature Reserve. The park got the name from an extinct volcano Mount Sataplia. The park offers interesting sights for anyone interested in geology, paleontology, and botanics. They have found footprints of dinosaurs in the area! The park was established to preserve numerous stalactites and stalagmites, that can be found here. Martvili Canyon is not far away either. At the borders of the city you can find Motsameta monastery, that carries the remains of a Georgian martyr.

Some footprints of dinosaurs have been found in Kutaisi and Sataplia Nature Reserve. What an activity holiday this turns out to be!
Stalactites and stalagmites in Sataplia Nature Reserve. JuriS Travel tour to Georgia will take you here.

Golden statues in a fountain in Kutaisi.

Kvareli (town)

Kvareli is a little town of 7500 inhabitants, located in the northeast of Georgia. It is the center of Kakheti wine region and well known for its own wine: Kindzmarauli. We will visit the winery and Gvirabi (Kvareli) wine tunnel! We will have our winetasting night here and there is a possibility to attend to making of churchkhela (churchela), which looks like a candy but tastes like Snickers!

Tbilisi (city)

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia with about 1,158,700 inhabitants. The city has been built around a spa.

The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi.

Sighnaghi (town)

Sighnaghi is one of Georgias smallest towns with only 1500 inhabitants. And oh so cute it is too! If you are even slightly romantic at heart you may receive pink bubbly romantic dreams in this little cobble-stoned town. You should know that there is a 24/7 marriage registration available here! The town reminds the visitor of Italy with its narrow streets, small pastel houses and pretty balconies. Located in the most fruitful wine-regions of Georgia, you are bound to eat and drink well in Sighnaghni…

Rooftops over Sighnaghi, Georgia
Rooftops over Sighnaghi, Georgia

Vardzia (monastery)

We will visit the unbelievable cave monastery of Vardzia. It is located some 60 km from town of Akhaltsikhe. Some of the caves extend up to 500 meters in length, and there has been proof that they even had a crude sewage system in place. Originally a fortress, it was turned into a monastery by The Queen of Georgia, Tamar, in 1186.

Cave Monastery of Vardzia. Activity holidays with JuriS Travel.
Vardzia Cave Monastery
Cave Monastery of Vardzia. Activity holidays with JuriS Travel.
Originally a fortress, it was turned into a monastery in 1186 by Queen Tamar.
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